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The bible probably started as a good idea, until the hate, bigotry, and close mindedness were added. Let’s build a better book… The Good Book.

If we are going to create a relevant Atheist book in comparison to contemporary religious texts, then we need to talk about a few things in simple language. We should draw from science, history, and philosophy. In effect Science and History are united here, and it should start with the nature of science, such as the scientific method. The fact that science has the ability to change with new discovers should also be stressed, making this text amendable.

I would like it written from a secular standpoint, as objective as possible. We don’t need to define this book as a counter to religion, but as a text in and of itself.

I think the initial ‘books’ should give a general outline of major sciences starting with Physics (and the Big Bang), and including Chemistry, Mathematics/Logic, Astronomy, Earth Science, Biology, Human Evolution, Early Cultures, A brief history of the World, then a history of science including major figures.
Then the second section would include morality/philosophical aspects. This would include the Golden Rule, encouragement against hatred, and for love and forgiveness.

It’s possible to write these different sections as ‘books’ to be published separately, until we are ready to finally combine them into a complete text. This would mean I’m looking for volunteers for writing whole or part of the sections of this text.

Update: I’ve begun working on a Morality text. I am doing some background research, but some of it is just by my gut (and logic, don’t forget logic). If someone with a background in philosophy would like to help out, please:

Contact me if you’re interested, T. Patrick Snyder